the real-time structural health monitoring system


dynamic and static structural monitoring of buildings and infrastructures

Secure Shelter is an innovative web platform that provides services for visualization, storage and analysis of information and data related to static and dynamic monitoring of structures.

The system is able to interface with heterogeneous sensors and devices, analyse and show the incoming data in real-time and provide anomaly notifications.



emergency prevention

Secure Shelter provides the administrators and directors of historical buildings, public infrastructures, residential building and more, a real-time and continuous monitoring of the structure health. This allows to efficiently schedule special interventions after seismic or meteorological events and to perform predictive maintenance operations during the lifecycle of the monitored structure.

With Secure Shelter is possible not only to monitor the events that affect the structure, but also to supervise the damage they cause or the time-induced deterioration.

Secure Shelter makes it easier to activate emergency procedures after seismic or other natural events by exploiting real-time monitoring and analysis that allow to promptly obtain information about which structures have been damaged. This is crucial to efficiently develop an intervention plan.

Secure Shelter is aimed at both public administrations (national, regional or municipal) and private entities (foundations, cultural associations for heritage conservations and private structure owners) that needs a deep and precise analysis of the structural health. By providing different services to optimize costs, resources and planning time, Secure Shelter allows to perform efficient maintenance during the lifecycle of the building and effective interventions in critical scenarios.




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• Analysis of sensors and devices already installed

• Integration with third part sensors previously installed

• Sensor installation



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Secure Shelter is a project led byWeedea | Communication & Coding Lab realized with the contribution of POR FESR 2014-2020. Axis I Action 1.3.1. - Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative and high-intensity knowledge application start-ups and research spin-off initiatives. Notice for new innovative SMEs for the realization of the project "Web platform for real-time monitoring of structural health of buildings".